The Yun Technologies eSignature Gateway brings the convenience of electronic signing with DocuSign and RightSignature to email regardless of the email client used (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc...) and enables digital document signing with any existing email-enabled applications, with no changes to the application.
eSignature Gateway extracts attached documents, subject and message body to automatically create envelopes. Each envelope is set for free-form signing. The envelope doesn't carry any indication as to where the signature should be placed, and signers are responsible for positioning their own signature.
When the envelope is created, notifications are sent to inform signers that their signature is required. eSignature Gateway tracks changes as they happen, and makes all information available in a easy to use Web console. Documents can be downloaded at any time, including the final certificate once documents are signed.
For email signatures and automatic disclaimers, see our Auto Disclaimer solution.

Business continuity
eSignature Gateway integrates tightly with your organization's email server. It provides a central archive controlled by your organization where all documents are automatically collected and preserved, even if users have lost the corresponding emails, or forgotten the credentials provided by the online signature provider.
With user-level access, Active Directory/LDAP users can easily view signatures they requested and download corresponding documents.

eSignature Gateway helps you comply with applicable regulations and withstand legal challenges by storing documents securely and for the long term. Each signer is identified unambiguously.
Data remains safe and protected from unauthorized access at all times.
A full audit trail is maintained and can be referred to at any time to check the status of requested signatures.

Electronic storage
eSignature Gateway provides the option to leverage your existing cloud storage investments, whether hosted or on-premise, by archiving documents onto your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage accounts, as well as any compatible private cloud offering.
Electronic storage simplifies record-keeping. Paper management is no longer necessary.
PDF documents can be viewed directly online.

eSignature Gateway provides a lean and user friendly solution to routine document signature needs and brings standard signature workflows to your organization. It is self-contained, doesn't require senders or signers to install any software, program, or certificate.
Senders simply email documents to request signatures. Each signer is notified in turn with an email alert and is directed to an online Web interface.
With support for Twilio and Clockwork, eSignature Gateway can also alert signers directly on their mobile phone with a SMS.
Signatures are obtained faster and at lower cost than with couriers or certified mail deliveries.
eSignature Gateway includes a streamlined Web API that's simpler to program against than the APIs provided by online document signing services, and speeds up the development of any business-specific application.

Data analytics
Charts show summaries of common usage metrics. See at a glance who the top users are, what files are being sent out, etc...

Easy to setup
Configuration is straight-forward. Administrator-set patterns define virtual mailboxes and determine which emails are processed by eSignature Gateway. Signers and recipients of carbon copies are set by senders in conjunction with rules set by the administrator.
Phone numbers are retrieved from Active Directory or LDAP when SMS notifications are required.
eSignature Gateway can be deployed and activated very quickly. It is designed to work seamlessly with, and plug directly into your Sendmail or Postfix-based email server, including Zimbra.
eSignature Gateway is available as a Virtual Machine solution for popular hypervisors. Contact us for more information.

Straight-forward licensing
There is no per-user licensing fee, no restriction on the number of users or delivery rates, and no special consideration with regards to hardware specifications.
A one time purchase secures all updates to the current major release, free of charge. Support packages are optional.
Because eSignature Gateway is Open Source/Free Software, each customer gets the source code.

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Recommended OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, CentOS 6, Fedora 20 or newer